Pastor Sally serves as senior Pastor of Xceleration Church in Humble, TX. There is no doubt that Sally had a rough start in life suffering physical abuse at the hands of her cruel and alcoholic father which led to her run away and live homeless as a fourteen year old. Not even able to finish high school the future looked bleak but rather than becoming a statistic she fought to rise up against the odds. Sally was working hard at a part time job in a calling center for a national portrait studio when she was asked to try out for the photography position. With only a week of on the job training she quickly caught on and worked hard over the next eight years to hone her skills and reputation as a great photographer.

With not much more than a camera she purchased from a friend, she stepped away from someone else's time clock and began her own successful portrait studio. For fifteen years she often had a six month waiting list for clients desiring to sit before her lens. She has photographed Presidents, professional athletes, mega church pastors, entertainers and the elite of the Houston area where she calls home. Even the casual observer would say that Sally was successful... But she wasn't satisfied. She felt a hunger to do and be more. Hearing and obeying the call of God on her life she sold her business and stepped out into full time ministry. God groomed and prepared her to be an example and a trophy of His grace to reach out to those struggling to overcome set backs in life.


Now Pastor Sally is a highly sought after women's conference speaker where she shares her victories of overcoming life's challenges with wisdom, humor and a contagious passion for God. Her authentic and transparent style of ministry encourages women and literally lifts them to new levels of possibility in life.

Sally not only believes but she proves with the example of her life that anything is possible with the favor of God and a willingness to work hard. She's a pastor and church administrator, and has most recently launched a very successful design business consulting with churches to maximize flow, usage and design for their facilities. The talent and creativity she she designs with for children's and teen ministries has attracted ministries to consult with her for design from the storefront size to mega churches and everything else in between!

Pastor Sally is the spiritual daughter of Bishop I.V. and Pastor Bridget Hilliard of New Light Church in Houston, Texas.